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End Mills for Inconel

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End Mills for Inconel

Manufacturer and Exporter of End Mills for Inconel

End Mills for Inconel
      UBT provides End Mills for Stainless Steels and High Temperature Alloys, Carbide, High Performance

+ End Mills for Stainless Steel
End Mills for Inconel
Dimension (mm)
d D lc L
Φ 4 4 11 50
Φ 5 6 13 50
Φ 6 6 13 50
Φ 8 8 20 64
Φ 10 10 22 73
Φ 12 12 25 84
Φ 14 14 26 84
Φ 16 16 34 93
Φ 18 18 34 93
Φ 20 20 38 104
Φ 25 25 45 110



UB TOOLS (SHANGHAI) LTD is one of China’s technological leaders in the manufacturing and service of End Mills for Inconel industries. Quality has never been more important than today. We continually invest in the latest technology and equipment in keeping with our pledge for quality excellence. Only the best micro grain carbide available is used in building our tools. We offer a full line of tools, as well as custom manufactured tools in Solid Carbide/HSS Cobalt 8%, End Mills for Inconel,Reamers, Step Drills and Form Tools are just a few of the types of tools that we will custom manufacture and coat to your specifications. We work together with you to make the exact cutting tool you are looking for.
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