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Hogging End Mills reverse roll forging

Date:2016-9-13 click:3206times

"Hogging End Mills" process was first order with pliers blank end (corresponding to the connecting rod end), in the first and second track-groove roll forging rod portion and a small head, small head (A segment) by two to obtain the desired shape and size, after roll forging. Then turn around the blank, pliers small end, then roll forging 3,4 Road, continue billet lever portion extending deformation, while the head (C segment) extends. After four straight roll forging has been elongated roll forging blank. The first five roll forging for the bulk of the bending shape, still gripping pliers small end, big end into the blank-groove bending, you can get the desired shape of the blank. Each pass forging rolls are used to bite into the middle of the blank form, to ensure the normal roll forging.

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