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What is the CNC Plastic Cutting Tools length, narrow feet ?

Date:2016-9-9 click:558times

"CNC Plastic Cutting Tools" cut length orders which require a fixed size called length. When delivered by length, the cross-metallic materials must have a demand-side specified in the contract length. For example, the contract specified by length 5m delivery, then the delivery of the material must both be 5m long, shorter than 5m or longer than 5m are substandard. But in fact impossible delivery are 5m long, so there are provisions that allow a positive bias, but does not allow a negative bias. Length width not less than the lower limit of the narrow foot width of the standard, but not less than the allowable called narrow foot narrowest width. When you press the narrow foot delivery, we must pay attention to the standards prescribed proportion and scale narrow narrowest feet.

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