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Solid Carbide Rougher YG8, YT5, YT14

Date:2016-9-13 click:3028times

"Solid Carbide Rougher" YG8: the use of high strength, impact resistance, shock resistance compared YG6 good, but lower wear resistance and allow the cutting speed, suitable for cast iron, nonferrous metals and alloys, non-metallic materials at low cutting speed; YT5: cobalt tungsten titanium in strength, impact resistance and shock resistance best, but poor wear resistance for carbon steel and alloy steel (including steel forgings, stampings, cast iron epidermis) interrupted cutting roughing , rough planing, semi-intensive plane; YT14: roughing the use of high strength, impact resistance and resistance to shock, after YT5 alloy, but wear resistance than YT5 as well, suitable for carbon steel and alloy steel continuous cutting , roughing, interrupted cutting of semi-intensive cars and fine cars.

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