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Keyseat Cutters sharpening

Date:2016-9-13 click:3883times

"Keyseat Cutters" When sharpening, right hand holding the drill head positioning as a fulcrum, the drill main cutting edge is horizontal. Diamond blade lightly touches the wheel center plane of the horizontal cylindrical, ie grinding wheel center point in the horizontal position. The angle between the centerline of the drill and grinding wheel axis is equal to half the apex angle [58° ~ 59°], left hand holding the shank portion to the right hand of the centering pivot slowly around a center of rotation of the drill bit to drill the end press down, and up and down swing fan, approximately equal to the angle of drill bit while rotating clockwise about 45°, gradually increase the strength of the finger is rotated, the drill bit is pressed against the wheel, this action should be coordinated, until the bit line with the requirement.

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